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Homegrown for God

Raising our children God's way

Christian Homeschooling
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This is a community for Christian parents who homeschool or consider homeschooling their children.

If you share our commitment to raising Godly offspring for the Lord, we invite you to join in!

These are the reasons we homeschool:

#1 To glorify God
#2 Christ-centered curriculum
#3 Being proud of Christ-centered, self-disciplined, hard-working, well-educated young adults God has given families to rear
#4 Building Godly characters
#5 Teaches the homeschooled scholar the relationship between academics, the "real" world and their Christian duty
#6 Training warriors in the Christian faith in all areas of life including academic (e.g., math, science, history, grammar, phonics, literature, etc.). Teaching Christians do not compartmentalize. All things are for His glory!
#7 Homeschooled youth will not have their beliefs ridiculed, mocked or contradicted before they are fully prepared to join the battle.
#8 Strong Christian witness in the community lets others know you take your faith seriously, not just on Sundays and/or Wednesday evenings, but every day.
#9 Fulfillment of the Christian duty to their offspring as presented in Deuteronomy 6:7
#10 Encourage student to work in areas they have talent (e.g., math, science, grammar, musical instruments, etc.)
#11 Able to view academics as something fun, interesting, and exciting
#12 Learning becomes a way of life and not a compartmentalized part of life.
#13 Testing can actually be utilized the way it was intended from a Christian worldview
#14 Teaching and disciplining are possible as parents are better able to determine the causes of academic problems and solve them than government schools
#15 The homeschooled student will not be sitting under the counsel of the ungodly (Psalm 1). Moreover they are not urged or forced to become a companion of fools (Proverbs 22:15) unlike the false, sterile, anti-social environment that breeds the dysfunctional socialization in government schools
#16 Building close relationships between parent / child / siblings
#17 Parents and other family members teaching, encouraging and re-enforcing courtesy and honor.
#18 Teaching daughters that being feminine is a good thing and that it is their duty to obey God with what He calls them to do
#19 Training sons to demonstrate courtesy and honor to females without fear of condemnation from the politically correct crowd
#20 Youth experience positive interaction with those in the community of all ages and backgrounds
#21 Students learn how to interact with others from mature adults.
#22 Homeschooled youth are able to live and study in an environment free from drug/alcohol abuse, profanity, and other anti-social behavior.
#23 Child's self-esteem. Homeschooled youth KNOW that their parents do not consider them to be nuisances and only tolerable in small doses. Homeschooled children know they are loved and wanted.
#24 Parents (and not the government through our neighbors' taxes) are responsible for the training of the children they bear.
#25 More time together to build a strong family and good Christian character in children is required. An 8-hour school day, sports, music, homework, etc. does not leave much time for family.
#26 Learning appropriate socialization skills
#27 Homeschooled scholar is able to be their own person without being manipulated by same-age individuals
#28 Students do not have to deal with the risk of personal danger of assault from bullies on a constant, daily basis.
#29 Children are not forced to artificially "grow up" too fast; however, since they are allowed to grow at their own pace, homeschooled children tend to mature in character more quickly than government schooled children.
#30 Homeschooled youth are allowed to have their own opinion.
(Taken from http://www.lovetolearnplace.com/HomeSchoolFacts/reasonstohomeschool.html)

We look forward to warmly welcoming you in our midst!!! Please introduce yourself when you join :)

Check out a complete list of reasons to homeschool at http://www.lovetolearnplace.com/HomeSchoolFacts/reasonstohomeschool.html.