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Clear plastic and the kitchen table... - Homegrown for God

About Clear plastic and the kitchen table...

Previous Entry Clear plastic and the kitchen table... Mar. 3rd, 2007 @ 09:19 am Next Entry
So ~ I FINALLY remembered to buy some clear plastic at WalMart to cover our kitchen table and our big coffee table!! It was surprisingly cheap ~ and I got the heavy duty stuff. I expected to pay $20. and I only spent $10 and bought too much.

In the living room, I put some of our word sheets, some ads from the 30's, some memory verses from Konnect and Abyni's new Multiplication Rhymestables. In the kitchen Each of the kid decorated a place mat type thing on a square piece of scrapbook paper. They put their memory verse, a reminder to take vitamins and each chose thier own things, some left some blank spaces to practice in. I also put our "Interesting Words" poster in the middle and scattered some of our paper snowflakes around... and a handwriting/cursive practice sheet by Abyni and Paris' spot. The girls have been in there for at least 30 minutes with the dry erase markers practicing cursive, writing/tracing their verses that they wanted to memorize and tracing the paper snowflakes that are in there:)

Yay! I love it!! The kids have done a much better job at keeping the table cleaned off, and its no problem seeing who left their food/plates/whatever on the table after a meal!!:)

Also... with the other "word pages" I hung a piece of ribbon across our mantle and used paper clips to hang the rest of our sheets. We'll eventually put them all in a 3-ring binder, but for now I want them all more easily accessible.

I feel so productive:)

Photos here: http://msbyn.livejournal.com/396497.html

How's that for some posts? I did just cheat and steal them from my journal... I have a TON tagged "homeschooling" so I just raided those!
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